Bath – Russian bath

The whole idea of creating a unique public bath space called the Russian Bath was to revitalize a Class II Edwardian building located near Victoria Station and within walking distance of Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

The full-scale project included a building permit for listed buildings, from initial development to completion, which lasted a year and a half with 11 months of project planning.



Information about the project

The designer drew inspiration from her childhood years in St. Petersburg or Leningrad, when she went with her grandmother to public baths.

The new bathhouse required major renovations, including partitions and a complete interior layout. Natalia has created a classic yet modern look based on the world’s best architectural design practices. Natalia designed the interiors from large stoves to tiled wall paintings, floors, various surfaces and lighting with some items such as French ceiling chandeliers purchased from Windsor antique stores.

The designer also took on the ambitious task of sourcing and updating furniture in a new bath complex with a star of the project – a dining room beautifully decorated with stylish furniture, comfortable leather seats with iconic birch trees in a soft neutral and woody palette.



Client: Bath – Russian Bath

Project type: Commercial, SPA

Completion year: 2019

Interior Architect: Natalia Meleshkevich

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