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Interior architecture & design

When it comes to small interior design and architecture firms in London, we stand out by offering a complete range of services, making sure you have everything you need for your next project.  Natalia Interior Design is here to help you if something went wrong or you are not absolutely sure how and what to do next.  She speaks both English and Russian and provides services in both languages. A combination of architectural and interior design services creates the best results!

If you are a homeowner looking to redesign your house or gain more space, Natalia Interior Design is here to help. We specialise in extensions, loft conversions and house renovations and can help your interior or architecture design project go smoothly. Natalia Interior Design specialises in taking your interior concepts and turning them into innovative, dynamic spaces. If you need a new extension, loft conversion or a house renovation, we can help you create realistic plans and build something exquisite and bring your vision to life.

Natalia Interior Design

Who We Are

Bringing innovative, experienced design to your interior projects in London.

Natalia Interior Design was founded by Natalia, an experienced interior architect and designer. She’s worked across the globe, from the UAE to Africa, transforming small spaces and designing architectural feats for international firms. Working with contractors, engineers, and site surveyors, she can manage your project from conception to completion so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Natalia studied architecture at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Central St Martins College and the South Bank University in London. Here, she was shortlisted for a CIAT Student Award for Technical Excellence in Architectural Technology. She’s also won the Design Award 2015 in the Russian Public Places category, where she was commended for her work on Restaurant Panorama/Blok. She’s also accredited with the SBID, a globally recognised merit of expertise in interior design. Her work has taken her across the world, giving her a unique approach to the world of design.

Discover some of the incredible spaces created by Natalia below in her recent projects. 

Recent Projects


The Bath House - Russian Banya

Spa project in Belgravia, London


Blackheath House Project

Residence in Blackheath, London


Banya Taiga Project

For Banya No.1 in London


Project Planning

We can oversee every aspect of your interior architecture project, including time management, budget restraints, site surveys, and coordination with third parties. We can carry out FF&E services, sourcing exquisite furnishings to bring life to your spaces. 

Interior Design Architecture

From designing functional spaces to suit your needs to pushing the boundaries of creativity, Natalia will help you build a structure that’s perfect for you and the world around you. 

Interior Design

Whether you’re looking for a new bathroom, an overhaul of your entire house, or a renovation of a commercial building, Natalia can transform residential spaces to create a space that combines form and function.

Art Critique

Bring life to your interiors with stunning artwork handpicked by Natalia to enhance your personal design concept. Each piece will be selected to suit your aesthetic, bringing texture, colour, and creativity to your space.