Case Study

Banya Taiga

For Banya No.1

The interior design project, complete refurbishment and remodelling of existing facilities and space to provide a comprehensive Day Spa, reinforcing the unique experience of Russian Banya.



Project Info

Russian Banya No.1 invited Natalia to create a space layout for a prospective new spa facility, an interior design project for a functional and pleasant retreat which could draw upon the idea of authentic Russian banya.

However challenging major constraints could be, the designer always finds the solution to create an exceptional and recognised Spa. Having been working from the outset of the project planning till its completion, Natalia managed to unveil the original interior design by renovation of old furniture, using eco-friendly timber that was sourced from Russian taiga in the northern region of Karelia.

As a result Taiga offers a traditional Russian steam sauna in the form of a spacious log cabin built of interlocking Kelo timber logs, hot stone and treatment rooms, a plunge pool, cold bucket showers which draw upon ancestral traditions renowned for their healing powers. Alternatively  guests can enjoy a private lounge and dining area.

Banya Taiga has been winning an incredible popularity among both russian and local public since the day it was opened, offering luxury, relaxing retreat.

Client: Banya No.1

Project Type: Commercial, SPA

Completion Year: 2016

Interior Architect: Natalia Meleshkevich

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